Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network

This is a national network of people who have been to prison and either received a college degree there or obtained one afterward. It includes people from varied educational backgrounds-- AA to JD/PhD/PsyD/EdD as well as careers ranging from staff members to State and Federal Administrators, Executive Directors, Attorneys, Professors, a College President, and a mayor.  
We expect this network will provide everyone a space for collective power to develop through professional connections and sharing of opportunities and accomplishments as well as general academic and career support. As we connect and share our stories privately and publicly, we also change the social narrative surrounding incarceration to lessen stigma and create hope for those reentering. Lastly, we’ll have a chance to band together to promote public policies that lessen the burdens we seek with these lifelong felony backgrounds. 
We envision a society in which formerly incarcerated people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and offense types pursue their dreams as educated and empowered citizens with valued experiences. We see a world in which we have the rights and opportunities needed to make important contributions to our communities and beyond.
Our mission is to promote the education and empowerment of formerly incarcerated people through a collective community.
We do so by:
* Strengthening social networks of formerly incarcerated people
* Creating spaces for formerly incarcerated people to share and discuss ideas
* Changing social perceptions of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people
* Changing incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people’s views of themselves
* Promoting and supporting prison and post-prison education
* Demonstrating the value of our lived experience
* Advocating for criminal justice policy change
The core values that guide our work include:
Human rights
Human potential
Personal growth
Professional growth
In 2018, we expect to accomplish each of the following and have seven committees (membership, communications, external relations, fundraising, regional networking, annual convening, & speakers bureau) working on components of each.
1. Develop a website that includes resources, networks, and organizations that serve or are dedicated to the formerly incarcerated
2. Share success stories on social media and connect with corporate and political leaders and journalists to help spread these stories
3. Develop city, state, or regional chapters and an accompanying directory of members to help people connect
4. Start an annual convening of formerly incarcerated college graduates
5. Develop the structure for a speakers bureau of formerly incarcerated college graduates

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